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Decorating your home to be a cozy cove with some fresh colors and natural elements can be quite the healing look! Cottage-style homes often have these elements. These interiors often use floral patterns, weathered finished, organic textures, and traditional lines to make for a rather charming look! Here are 5 ways you could spruce up your kitchen to have a cottage aesthetic!
1) While picking the right cabinets keep in mind to have a fresh color like neutral shades, green or blue. Any could accentuate the wood of the cabinets. Make sure to pick a rustic door that compliments the rest of the kitchen.
2) Another thing that you could do is choose some ceramic or glass doorknobs for the cabinets to get an eclectic look.
3) You could use floral motifs in lovely pastel shades to add more depth and warmth to the room. Any nature design works, like rustic red brick, distress wood, or iron designs.
4) Picking the right flooring is a good way to cement that cottage look! You could try either going for Virginia tile with a rustic concrete and terra cotta look or you could opt for DuChateau style flooring.
5) Cottage-style interiors are all about the finer details! You could have glass jars, tiered wire hangers, wooden woven baskets, a large floral rug, and grow some herbs at your window.
Take a look at these 5 cottage kitchen design ideas that you could take inspiration from here! What are your thoughts on these warm interiors? Let us know in the comments below!
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