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Illinois Lottery instant scratch-off tickets are an easy way for some of us to throw away a dollar or two while others win some serious cash.
In 2019, according to the Illinois Associate of School Boards, the Illinois State Lottery raked in $3 billion. Yes, billion. You can find where the money went here.
There may be but I don't know it but I did find somewhat of a strategy if you want to call it that.
The strategy is to look at the back of the scratch-off and check out its overall odds of winning. And, when you see the overall odds of all the value of the tickets you'll notice a pattern.
The "games" that are the cheapest, $1 instant, have the least amount of odds of winning, the highest being 1 in 5. The higher the ticket value the fewer chances you'll win. The tickets with the highest chances of you winning aren't $5s or $10. It's $20, $25, and $30 scratch-offs.
10. 20 Years of Cash ($20)
This is a match game with chances to win double, five, ten, or twenty times the prize shown for that symbol.
9. Lucky 7 Deluxe ($20)
Another match but the prizes could be double, triple, seven times, or even seventy times the prizes shown for that symbol.
Reveal a "HORSESHOE" symbol, win all 25 YOUR SYMBOLS prizes.
8. $1 Million Merry Multiplier ($30)
A match game with a chance to win five, ten, or twenty times the prize shown.
Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to the WIN-ALL-NUMBER, automatically win all 24 YOUR NUMBERS prizes.
7. Million $$ Match ($30)
This match game is like the above but with chances to win a guaranteed $100-500 prize in addition to other prizes.
Get a "WIN" symbol, WIN ALL 30 YOUR NUMBER PRIZES shown below.
6. Ultimate Millions ($30)
Similar to #% but up to a $400 additional prize and a "gold bar" to win 10 times the prize.
5. $5 Million Riches ($30)
Yet another match game. This one has a "Pot of Gold" and "Money Bag" bonus.
4. 200X ($30)
Another match game that could win you $200 times the corresponding prize.
BONUS: Reveal a “money bag” symbol, instantly win $200.
3. Diamond Crossword 10X ($25)
This is a crossword game where if your letters complete 3 or more words, you win a prize.
Complete 3 or more words in the BONUS GRID, win the corresponding prize shown in the BONUS GRID PRIZE LEGEND.
2. $1,000,000 Cash Celebration! ($30)
Another match game.
Reveal a “starburst” symbol, instantly win ALL 30 YOUR NUMBERS PRIZES!
1. $1,000,000 Jumbo Crossword 10X ($25)
Another match game.
Reveal a “starburst” symbol, instantly win ALL 30 YOUR NUMBERS PRIZES!


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