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“Such a cute addition to my home. I’m obsessed!” One reviewer raved.
Supporting Black-owned businesses throughout February and beyond is a small step you can take to celebrate Black History Month. Continuing to visit Black-owned shops and buying from Black-owned (especially lady-led) businesses is one way to be an ally if you’re not a part of the African American community.
And, shopping small is something we should all aspire to do. The most popular big-box retailers and online mega-retailers do not need your business. Full stop.
Every small business, but especially small businesses from Black owners, needs support. Buying from a small business encourages makers to keep making. It helps them pay the bills, put food on their tables, and/or gives them extra to save. Plus, you get a one-of-a-kind piece to put in your house. Who wants a generic print from Home Goods, when you can get a unique piece from a small business?
Here are some of our favorite home decor pieces from Black-owned businesses to help make your house a home. From planters to prints, and much more, these are our favorite Black-owned Etsy shops.
This Succulent Planter from the Etsy shop Talandbert is a beautiful piece, especially for plant lovers. Perfect for the Pisces in your life, this planter features raw amethyst from North and South Carolina, concrete, and edging of liquid gold.
A wife and husband team, Val and Ray Talbert love the outdoors, art, and mining. Their website states, “Our work is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, finding the beauty in imperfections. We take the cracks and breakages in the concrete and turn them into designs inspired by minerals we mine.”
One happy customer stated, “[The planter] fits in the palm of my hand, perfect to set on my nightstand. I love having the option of placing a small candle or plant inside. The amethyst is so gorgeous, thank you!”
Show off your style with this beautiful hanging wall art from Studionom. Part of the Oval Line, this piece is handmade from cotton, birchwood, and natural dye.
The owner of the shop, Nom, was born in Swaziland and grew up in the Netherlands. She studied fashion, worked in the industry for 12 years, and then started her shop, focusing on macrame and weaving.
“This is truly one of the most beautiful pieces of art we’ve ever seen. Goes amazingly well with our Scandinavian/rustic farmhouse look in our home. Thank you!!” an Etsy purchaser commented.
A striking canvas print called The Traveler’s Journey is made to order. Stacie Monday, owner of ArtByMonday states on her Etsy page that she believes her artwork “challenges political and cultural issues within the African American community.” Unraveling negative stereotypes of African American women by using vibrant color and stunning detail, The Traveler’s Journey is a mixed-media piece.
“I fell in love with this the minute I saw it. I had to buy it. This artist is absolutely amazing. It’s going to really bring the decor in my apartment together,” stated a delighted reviewer.
This hanging planter shelf has a simplistic design but is perfectly unique. It can hold a 4-inch potted plant of your choice and/or other home decor items. From design team Ilana and Mike, The Crafty Swirl started as a side gig for the actors while between jobs.
The two-toned shelf has different options of stain, cords, and rings and materials include twine, cord, wood, paint, Minwax, or varathane.
“Such a cute little addition to my home. I’m obsessed!” shared one customer.
A gorgeous Sunflower Plate from Michelle Ettrick Ceramics would look amazing hanging on your wall. Although it is a piece of art, the plate could also be used functionally, for snacks and desserts galore.
A person of African and Latino descent, Ettrick started her life in Panama, moving to Brooklyn, New York at the age of 13. Her artwork not only addresses her struggles with identity, but also helps her embrace her “natural curly hair, heritage, womanhood, and at times current worldly struggles.”
One review read, “This platter is perfect! It’s incredibly well made, and the contrast between the warm red clay and the white and black design is so striking. The texture is smooth and lovely as well. The brushwork is impeccable, and the glazing is immaculate. I love sunflowers, and this is such a clean and modern interpretation. Not a single imperfection!”
These beautiful Sunflower Yellow Coasters from the shop Light Encounters would go perfectly with the sunflower plate above. This set of four coasters will help brighten up your space while protecting your tables. Made from resin, mica, and glitter, these coasters are handmade to order. Melissa started her Etsy shop in 2014 starting with earrings and has expanded her shop to include custom orders, coasters, trays, and gemstone earrings and bracelets.
“Love these coasters! They are beautiful and unique and bring a sunny energy into my space. Thanks, Mel!” stated a customer.
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