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Magnetic Knife Block
For the most part, kitchen products tend to be more function than they are form, which is understandable. After all, you mostly just use them when you’re cooking, and that’s that.
What if I told you, though, that you can have functional kitchen stuff that is also pretty gorgeous? Whether it’s fancy measuring cups, stunningly pretty knife set, or a marble rolling pin, here are a few products that are just as much a pleasure to look at as they are to use, especially if you spend large amounts of time in the kitchen.
While most measuring cups seem to come in either “plastic” or “grey plastic,” this copper-looking set is both stainless steel and pretty looking. If you often cook and feel like jazzing the experience up a bit, these measuring cups are a great option.
There’s no reason why your soap has to be a monochrome bore, especially when you can get some gorgeous hand-crafted soaps for almost the same price. There’s even this soap with a luffa inside of it for when you want to shower, or if you’re willing to spend a little bit extra, the Finchberry handmade natural soap bar gift set has a few charming soap bars for you to use.
Finally, I’d suggest also checking out this elegant leaf-shaped soap holder that looks both classy and minimalist.
Most knife blocks tend to come in wood, and that’s absolutely fine… if you want to be boring. So, why not show off your knives with an acrylic knife block? 
For example, this marbled stainless steel knife block set looks both tacky and awesome, which is probably my favorite combination of adjectives. If that’s maybe a bit much, then this wooden cutaway knife block is a bit more traditional while still being pretty great. Alternatively, if you’re willing to eschew traditions entirely, this ‘fannable’ knife block is going to definitely turn some heads.
As we all start to become a bit more aware of our eco-footprint, many people are beginning to compost at home, and there are some pretty solutions for that too. For example, there’s this surprisingly cute ceramic compost keeper.
Of course, if ceramic isn’t you’re thing, there’s also this similar-looking stainless steel compost keeper that’s slightly larger (which, for me, is slightly better). That being said, if you don’t mind small and want something for the countertop, this boxy compost keeper with a wooden design also looks pretty cute!
Ok, before getting started, let me just clarify that this is a faux marble rolling pin because if it were actual marble, it would probably be too heavy to carry and too delicate to use. So that aside, this is actually kind of brilliant, especially since there’s a natural association between marble and smooth surfaces. As such, this is a great solution for getting your dough or any other stuff pretty flat while also looking pretty.  
Sometimes it’s nice to feel like a king, queen, or any other form of royal, and nothing probably says that more than gold cooking utensils. Granted, these aren’t real gold (otherwise, they’d probably be ten times more expensive), but the effect is undoubtedly there and probably won’t bend from the head when using them. Gold is pretty malleable you know!
Of course, suppose gold is a bit too flashy for you, then these silicone utensils with natural acacia hardwood handles are really pretty replacements to the pure silicone utensils most people tend to use. They’re also more likely to get use in case you’re too worried to bring out the fancy gold utensils.
Usually, when we store cereal, pasta, or any sort of dry product, it tends to go into plastic Tupperware and then shoved into a dark recess of some cupboard or other.
Instead of doing that, you can use your storage as a form of decoration, while lso having it handily nearby. While I like the stainless steel version of these canisters, they do come in a variety of colors for you to pick from, so you can absolutely match them to your kitchen’s colors if that’s your preference. 
Also, they may seem like a pretty obvious necessity for these things, but I love the little windows they have so you can see what’s inside. Pretty smart.
While not typically something you’d associate with the kitchen; these little hot compress packs are pretty useful during the winter months. More specifically, they’re nice to have around if you’re stuck in a cold kitchen and need to warm yourself up as your wait for food to cook or bake. 
Of course, Much like the measuring cups, these gel bead hot & cold packs aren’t something you’d typically associate with looking pretty, but there’s absolutely no reason you can’t have your cake and eat it too. They even come in a cool little cloth bag you can keep them in, so they’re nice to the touch while also keeping you warm. Alternatively, just pop one or two in your pockets, and you can go around cooking while they warm you up.
Also, while the red and blue beaded one is nice, I actually think I prefer this purple and blue one a bit more. 
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