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St. Louis Magazine dining editor George Mahe discusses topical dining subjects.
February 28, 2022
7:00 AM
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The New (and Now Award-winning) Brennan’s
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OK, we’ll say it: Brennan’s has a vibe like no other drinking establishment in town. It’s the kind of place where you can chill with friends and brag about to out-of-towners. When the popular bar was forced to relocate in early 2020, owner Kevin Brennan found a suitable space literally around the corner. The night before the grand opening, a fire broke out, forcing a rebuild. Brennan’s finally reopened last July. Thanks to a crackerjack redesign team, both rooms of the twice-built space came out as spectacular as before. (To wit, Brennan’s recently garnered a 2022 Architect & Design Award from Design STL.) Next on Kevin Brennan’s drawing board: a different experience—weekend brunch—possibly followed by a return of the memorable This Is Not A Restaurant dinner series, where chefs were encouraged to create one-off, no-holds-barred, surprise menu dinners. 316 N. Euclid, 314-497-4449. 
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Ghost Kitchen at Amighetti’s
It’s remained stealthy and unannounced for nearly a year now: the ghost kitchen operating out of Amighetti’s in Rock Hill that specializes in vegetarian and vegan barbecue, a niche far removed from typical casual Italian fare. Named Wittycue, the base product is jackfruit-based sandwiches, offered in two types—pulled “pork” and Carolina shredded “chicken”—and three sizes. Other menu items include appetizers, such as charred vegetables, vegetarian wings, and vegetarian T-ravs; side dishes like pasta, potato, and tossed salads; and desserts such as scratch-made Livin’ Large Chocolate Chip Cookies and Almond Kiss Brownies. Owner Anthony Favazza says the concept works because it’s delivery-based and appeals to the demand for both tasty plant-based foods and later-night sweets. DoorDash is the exclusive delivery partner. “There are other companies out there delivering cookies,” Favazza says, “but no third-party services. DoorDash has the clout to market what we do far better than we could ourselves.”  
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Talking Over The Specials
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Part of many a servers’ job is to rattle off the evening’s specials to each and every table. It’s no easy task, as ingredients must be memorized, and the spiel must be practiced for the process to come off smoothly—which is why it’s frustrating when an impatient or distracted member of the party (usually part of a larger group) decides to chat up a tablemate mid-speech. Sometimes, they get shushed; other times, they remain a distraction for any interested guests, which should be everyone, as chef’s specials are usually created to be just that. Can you just zip it for 90 seconds, people? You’ll be free to prattle on ad nauseam for the next few hours.
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February 28, 2022
7:00 AM

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