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A beautiful layout takes time, effort, money and maintenance. Starting with a good garden plan can help cut down on all of those things. Thinking about your garden before getting to work can create a unified area that accents your home and provides years of enjoyment. A exprt has shared the ultimate hack for planting “perfectly” spaced crops.
The appliance in question is a humble muffin-tin – a kitchen staple that will elevate your garden design ideas to new heights. 
The hack comes courtesy of gardener Katie Bridget, who discovered the trick on the Facebook group Backyard Vegetable Farmers.
Here is everything gardeners need to know before they start raiding their kitchen cupboards.
In Katie’s  post, she explained that she planted 66 onion bulbs after creating an imprint in the ground with her muffin-tin.
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According to the gardener, the rows were perfectly spaced apart, meaning her onions will grow straight and look seamless in the process.
Katie wrote: “Someone in the group shared this idea the other day so I gave it a try. It was awesome!   
“Planted 66 onion bulbs this morning perfectly spaced apart. 
“Definitely will be doing this for my carrots.”
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In the photo Katie posted to the Facebook group, it shows how the gardener used her muffin tin as a guideline for her planting space.
Although, she was not alone in her admiration for this ingenious kitchen garden idea. 
To date, the hack has accumulated over 418,000 shares and 11,000 likes. 
Many users have given it a try in their own garden and have achieved equal success.
Pamela Foss commented: “Yup, I’m definitely doing this!”According to the gardener, the rows were perfectly spaced apartVanessa Croucher said: “Looks great! I’ll do this when planting my onions this evening.”
Lesley Beynon Byrne replied: “Already got my muffin pans out by the door ready to go.”
Joan Petrie added: “I’ll do it that way! So neat and tidy.”
One gardener was sceptical about the muffin-tin hack.
Ellen Pickett asked: “Looks good for spacing, but is it deep enough?”Best tips for watering your gardenKatie quickly replied: “I just pushed my bulb down in the middle of each space and then covered over.”
Muffin-tin tray can be purchased for as little as £1.99 from
Some users have also taken this backyard idea another step further by experimenting with large egg cartons.
Daryll Budgell said: “I do this with large egg cartons.”
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