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The Hamilton Beach 12-Function Blender ($31.99) from Amazon. 
I always thought blenders were superfluous kitchen items until I actually bought one — what business did I, a broke 20-something, have pureeing soup like a fancy adult person when I had student loans to pay? (For other deeply misguided beliefs, see avocado toast and home-buying.) Now in my 30s, I know better, and I’d be lost (and broke) without my ability to make smoothies and hummus from the comfort of my own kitchen. Don’t repeat my stubborn mistake; instead, pick up this 20%-off Hamilton Beach blender for just $31.99 on Amazon. 
Despite what stock photos and the last 10 years of wellness coverage might have you believe, blenders aren’t just there for your morning smoothie. They take your cooking to the next level by unlocking the ability to make creamed soup, wow your dinner date with some chimichurri to accompany their steak, turn out a batch of frozen margaritas, and even make your own nut butter without paying $12 per jar at Whole Foods. (Sorry, but that’s just too much). 
This Hamilton Beach model gives you enough power for everyday tasks with 7000 watts of oomph that can handle ice cubes along with the soft stuff, and it has a dozen blending functions between just five buttons. Best of all, the jar, blades, and lids can all be chucked in the dishwasher — after all, the last thing you want is more stuff to handwash at the end of a meal (or when you walk in the door after work). 
Scoop it up and get blending before the Amazon deal runs out.


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