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One sure sign that the holiday season is on its way is the first time you spot Christmas lights. For many, the holidays are the most joyful time of the year, and some people are eager to decorate well in advance of December. And why not? Bright white and colored Christmas lights create festive neighborhood streets and delight almost everyone. 
But before you put up your Christmas lights for the season, you must first decide which direction you plan to take. Do you enjoy classic white lights? Did you grow up loving playful oversized lights? Are you envisioning a curtain of lights? It's safe to say there isn't a shortage of ways to deck the halls—in fact, the sheer number of Christmas lights you can buy online can feel overwhelming. 
So we've sorted through countless Amazon reviews in order to uncover the very best Christmas lights for inside and outside your home, according to shoppers who use them. From the best white Christmas lights to the novelty string lights (and nearly every option in between), these are the Christmas lights to buy right now—all of them are ready to ship from Amazon. 
If you’re drawn to classic Christmas decor, white Christmas lights are likely on your radar. The Pretex Clear Christmas Light Set includes 100 bulbs that give off a warm white glow. Earning more than 6,300 perfect five-star ratings, they work inside on Christmas trees and mantles as well as outside on bushes and railings. 
“These lights are SO perfect,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I hang them over our mantel/fireplace—they lend a bright-enough (without being overwhelming!), warm white light to our living room! We eat dinner under their light, watch TV with them on…They are fabulous!” 
To add color and cheer to your Christmas display, look to the Pretext Multi Color Christmas Light Set. Each strand of lights includes 100 colorful bulbs, and they can be strung both inside and outside. The set will remain lit even if one bulb burns out, avoiding the pesky problem of needing to replace the whole strand.  
“I really like these Christmas tree lights,” noted a reviewer. “Very bright and colorful and perfect for the tree! The lights are really true to the colors and look awesome!” 
The icicle lights of the past have received an upgrade through this Toodour set. The LED bulbs offer energy-saving capabilities, according to the brand, and eight different ways to light them. Make sure to use the timer, which keeps the set of 60 lights on for six hours and off for 18. 
“​​This icicle string of lights is fantastic,” wrote one reviewer. “They are bright, but not overbearing and a nice warm light…They transformed a dark, shaded pathway on the side of our house into a wonderland.”
LED lights are known to last, and the Holiday Spirit LED String Lights allow you to connect up to 90 sets together. The LED Christmas light strands are available in six colors, including red, green, white, and multicolor, and they are waterproof and certified for outdoor use. 
“Just got these lights and OMG! They are packaged perfectly in a small box and are super bright,” said one reviewer. “You don’t even have to use them only for Christmas, [they] can be used for any holiday to brighten a room or banister.” 
One of the biggest perks of the Brizled LED Christmas Lights is that you can change their colors via remote, so you don’t have to choose between warm white and colored lights. You can also adjust the 200-light set’s brightness and toggle to 11 different light modes, including steady, flashing, and mixed color variations. Plan to connect up to three sets for up to 197 feet of lights.
“I loved the lights so much that I had a difficult time putting the Christmas Tree away in [the] attic,” wrote a reviewer, who added, “I can hardly wait until next Christmas to bring them out again. I don’t much care for the strobe effect but loved the changing lights and when I just wanted the warm white lights for after Christmas.”
Create a cozy and festive mood inside with curtain Christmas lights, or string a set outside to add pizzazz to a deck. The complete set includes 300 lights, and it’s 6.6 feet by 9.8 feet. Simply string the wire that connects the dangling lights and plug it in for an ambiance you might want to keep around beyond the holiday season. 
“These are so stunning I may just leave them up all year,” wrote one of the more than 6,000 five-star reviewers. “I bought three strands and would honestly buy more if I needed them. I tested the waterproofing, and they are definitely waterproof! I love all the different settings and the way they make my patio look… Both my mom and sister asked where I bought these lights so YES I would definitely refer these to others. You won’t be disappointed.” 
Add extra sparkle to a Christmas tree or wreath with fairy lights. The Brightown LED Fairy Lights set includes 12 complete flexible strands of lights and battery packs, which means each one is only $1.50. Because the battery packs are not waterproof, keep these lights inside or an area where the battery is shielded from precipitation. 
“I LOVE these fairy lights for my Christmas gifts,” wrote an avid crafter. “I made little Christmas trees, and these lights were absolutely perfect for the trees. I even put a few sets of lights in a vase with Christmas balls. It’s so pretty!”
With more than 10,000 perfect five-star ratings, the Twinkle Star LED String Lights are a shopper favorite. The set arrives prestrung and prelit with 100 LED star lights, and they can glow in four colors and eight different modes. The complete strand of lights measures 49 feet, and up to 10 sets can be connected together inside or outside.
“I purchased these star lights to go in my kitchen for the holiday season, but my little girl likes them so much that she asked me to keep them up all year long,” this five-star reviewer started. They continued, “The length was perfect to run the lights around the windows and one door, landing perfectly at the outlet. As far as holiday decorations go, these star lights were one of the best purchases. The price is affordable, and you get a [lot] of bang for your buck! I highly recommend these lights.”
If you want the most fun and festive Christmas lights on the block, consider Noma’s C9 LED Christmas Lights. C9 lights have larger bulbs, and this set includes 24 LED C9 bulbs. Each strand is 16 long feet and available in a bevy of colors, though multicolored remains a classic. You can connect up to 90 strands together, and each one includes clips to easily attach the lights to outdoor structures. More than 83% of reviewers have given the lights a perfect rating. 
“Love the clips, made putting up our lights very easy,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “Had three sets hung up in under an hour.”
Christmas rain lights are meant to be reminiscent of snowfall, meteor showers, or shooting stars. Each set of Adecorty’s lights includes eight rain lights per wire, and up to five sets can be connected. Of the 2,400 five-star reviews, some shoppers say they enjoy seeing them strung throughout trees on their properties, but others recommend protecting the plugs from getting wet. 
“These lights add a nice touch to our outdoor decorations,” wrote one reviewer. “We hung them from a multi-branched birch tree in [our] front yard where they are visible as you drive down the road. We have about ten sets on the tree so they are impressive and cool to watch.” 
Solar Christmas lights charge via panels throughout the day, remain on for up to 12 hours at night, and never increase electricity bills. And Sanjicha just introduced an upgraded solar string light design: Each set now includes two strands of lights measuring 72 feet apiece, improved LED bulbs, larger solar panels, larger solar battery storage, and a waterproof guarantee.
“Within ten minutes I was outside stringing the [lights] up in a tree in my backyard,” noted one reviewer. “The on/off button is easy to find and use. The button next to it controls the eight different twinkle modes. They were charged already right out of the box… After it got dark and they started twinkling, my next door neighbor noticed them immediately and texted how beautiful they were.”
Whether you want to add something out-of-the-box to your Christmas decor or you would prefer to not string Christmas lights on your house, consider a Christmas laser lights projector. This one includes five projections, such as a snowflake, Christmas tree, and Santa Claus, and it can project onto an area as large as 3,800 square feet. Turn on the projector via remote control or set the timer for even easier use. 
“I have had quite a few lasers, and also LED projectors that are sold on Amazon,” remarked one five-star reviewer. “If you want real, CLEAR, BRIGHT Christmas themed lighting, then THIS is the way to go! As soon as I plugged it in to test, I noticed that it was far better than the myriad of lasers that I have had in the past, and so much brighter than the LED projector that I have. Plus, it is very unobtrusive and is quite small, making it very easy to hide in our garden for projection on our home.”
If you’re planning to hang Christmas lights on your house, you’ll need something to secure them with. Command is known for its strength, durability, and easy removal, and shoppers are drawn to the brand’s outdoor light clips. Each set includes 20 outdoor light clips and 24 water-resistant strips, so you won’t need to use nails. At the end of the season, the clips remove clean from their surface, which can include doors, vinyl siding, fences, windows, and more. 
“So easy to install,” wrote one reviewer, who added that their lights “have withstood some high winds, thunderstorms, and heat waves, and they have not budged.”


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