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This story has been republished after Nicola “Nix” Adams won the hotly contested and publicly voted TV Personality of the Year award at the New Zealand TV Awards on Tuesday, March 1. In an interview before the awards were announced, the co-host of Māori TV show Terei Tonight, took Stuff around her Tawa rental.
Straight-talking social media star Nicola “Nix” Adams is starting a new chapter, moving in with her partner and their bustling blended family in Tawa, Wellington.
Adams inspires thousands on her Facebook page CWK (“Courage, wisdom, knowledge”) where she shares her unfiltered kōrero with 619,000 followers – glimpses of her daily life, as well as candid talk about turning her life around after she lost touch with her children for five years because of the meth addiction that began when her son died suddenly.
We live in a pretty big house at the moment in Tawa; me, my partner Dennis and our four children. We’re a blended family. He was a solo father with two boys and I have my two kids.
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All four of our children are around 10 to 12. We seem to just steal our friends’ children as well. And, we have an exchange student for 10 weeks from Kaitaia; a real country boy come to Wellington.
We’re renting. The goal is to buy a place but we both need to do a bit more work before we get to that stage.
We’re just bringing the two different parenting styles together. There’s a lot of compromise just to make it work but we do it.
We’ve got such an awesome routine and structure for our children. They have their chores in the morning and then their evening chores. The incentive is every Friday they get $10 pocket money.
All five have an account and they don’t get to spend their money on silly things. We teach them about saving to buy bigger things.
Two have saved $350 in their account each, and they wanted to buy a Playstation for $420 each. Me and my partner sat down and said, we’ll pay for it, so now they’re in debt $70 each
They’ve had to sign the contract – so that’s how we raise our children. It was awesome to teach them that maybe you shouldn’t buy out of your price range, because it sucks working for seven weeks for nothing.
As adults, nothing comes for free.
I describe myself as a social media personality. I have a private page that I do daily live streams on about my mental health and everything that you go through on a daily basis. That’s my ongoing primary business because people subscribe to it monthly.
If I’ve got a message that I need to convey to a wider audience, I post on my public page. I just try to cram in as much as I can while the children are at school.
I also do motivational speaking all over New Zealand. That’s where having an understanding partner comes in. He’s a youth worker.
Me and my children were in Huntly, and we were doing long distance for quite some time. And then I just thought, I’m going to hit up my children’s father and see if he wouldn’t mind if we went to Wellington. And he said: Do it.
He’s real understanding as long as he gets to talk to the kids every day.
Renting makes you want to work harder and faster to get your own property. At the moment, it is hard but the goal is to not be paying someone else’s mortgage.
We’ll buy in the next couple of years for sure.
I’m real open with the kids about my past addiction. They need to know what the real world looks like.
I talk to them about the reasons some people can turn like that. I’ve heard it out my children’s mouths: “Ooh, look at that crackhead.”
That’s not how I want to raise my children. I tell them: You don’t know what that person went through. You wouldn’t like it if you heard someone saying that about your mum.
We’re definitely that family that 5.30 every night is dinner, no devices at the table. Do their prayers and then bloody have their dinners.
While sitting there, they will already start picking out chores: A washer, two dryers, someone to put away, and then the fifth job is to vacuum the kitchen all the way to the front doors.
I do all the cooking. They have the same lunch each week at school, and I’ve decided to do that at home. Monday is burgers: it could be chicken or normal. Tuesday is mango chicken, Wednesday is mac’ and cheese, Thursday is takeaways, and Friday is sausages. That could be American hotdogs, or sausage in bread.
It helps me out with the shopping and not having to think what’s for dinner. And the kids love it.
I just got my kids back at the start of last year. I was gone for about five years. So all of last year was: Let’s get to know each other and let’s see how far to push each other’s boundary.
This year, I’m like, don’t even try.
My daughter will be 11 soon. When a parent is missing from the household, the same sex child tends to pick up the role: She became the mum of the house. She’s so mature, that’s why we clash.
I have to tell her: “You don’t need to be the mum now, you can be the little girl now. I’m home.”
This will be our fresh year.
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