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Fall got its name from the leaves that fall from deciduous trees from September to December.
Spooky season is quickly approaching, and enjoying a pumpkin spice latte is not the only way to get into the spirit. The best way to spruce up your mood as the leaves begin to fall is to add some fall decor to your home. Fall colors are specific, and so is the decor. With items ranging from plaid throws and broomsticks to garlands of leaves and warm tone bouquets, there are many options to make your home cozy. When purchasing fall home decor items, consider where you will be putting the items, what colors they are, what they are made from and how they will be stored for next season.
If one goal is to liven up your space and warm yourself up at the same time, the EverGrace Cortez Plaid Faux Mohair Throw Blanket is the top choice.
Before purchasing any home decor item, make sure it will fit comfortably into your desired space. For example, if you are buying a fall centerpiece for your mantel, measure the space and coordinate that with the listed dimensions of the centerpiece. Consider how much empty space your mantel will end up with on either side, and feel free to start planning on other decor to creatively and tastefully fill that space.
The substance an item is made of will largely determine its durability. For example, a fall throw blanket made of cotton or knit fabric will last longer (and also be warmer) than a blanket made with thin fabric such as nylon, spandex or polyester. The material of an item can also tell the user if it is meant for outdoor or indoor use, as well as how to wash or care for the item, or or even how to store it in the offseason.
Fall decor typically includes various oranges, yellows, browns and reds inspired by the seasonal color changes of tree leaves. Black is also a dominant color when fall decor incorporates Halloween themes. It will be hard to not capture the different moods of the season when your decor relies on these colors.
It’s easy to go overboard with any style of decor, but nothing draws attention to fall decor in a room like minimalism. For example, if there is fall garland on every surface, it will take attention away from the plaid throw. If a fall bouquet is the statement piece in a room, it will draw more attention by itself rather than around a lot of other decor items. One approach is to place your fall items in various rooms to balance the decor throughout the house.
Fall decor is typically used for a couple of months and then put away for next season. When searching for fall home decor items make sure that you have an easy place to store them and that they will be durable enough to last in storage for multiple seasons at a time and then emerge looking great for next fall.
Fall home decor can range anywhere from $5-$300 depending on the items, size and what it is made from. A small, lightweight item likely will be less than $50, while a larger, heavy item can easily cost between $90-$300.
A. Some candle scents that are specifically made for the fall include pumpkin, pecan, apple, cinnamon, maple and anything that smells like firewood.
A. If the item that you purchased is able to be used both indoors and outdoors, this will be noted in the product care section listed either on the production itself or on the manufacturer’s website. Buyers will want to consider that some materials fare better indoors and are not meant to be placed outdoors.
EverGrace Cortez Plaid Faux Mohair Throw Blanket
EverGrace Cortez Plaid Faux Mohair Throw Blanket
What you need to know: This blanket is crafted with plush acrylic to keep you warm when the weather gets chilly, and its classic plaid pattern shows off a stylish look.
What you’ll love: This item features a fall plaid pattern and is 100% acrylic. It is machine-washable on gentle cycles. The blanket also comes in a few different colors.
What you should consider: The ends of this blanket can fray if it’s not washed on a gentle cycle.
Where to buy: Bed Bath & Beyond
Winlyn 7 Pcs Assorted Burlap Pumpkin Ornaments
Winlyn 7 Pcs Assorted Burlap Pumpkin Ornaments 
What you need to know: These decorative fall pumpkins are made from burlap and styrofoam and are good for indoor use. They fit in most locations and are fairly small.
What you’ll love: Each pumpkin is a different color, design or size. These are ideal for decorating all kinds of settings, including dinners, harvests, offices or a living room table.
What you should consider: These items can come apart easily if the user does not handle with care.
Where to buy: Amazon
Devalo Decorative Fall Floral Arrangement Bouquet in Vase
Devalo Decorative Fall Floral Arrangement Bouquet in Vase
What you need to know: This decoration features autumn colors and serves as a centerpiece for any table or room. The flowers are made to look real and come in elegant shapes and sizes.
What you’ll love: The flowers are featured in a vintage vase resembling a pitcher and are made with high-quality plastic and iron wire — durable enough to last for many autumnal seasons. They do not get withered or fade when stored away.
What you should consider: A few of the smaller flowers can shed onto the table. Do not put this item around food preparation areas.
Where to buy: Amazon
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