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Small balcony decor ideas help to bring a glorious and aesthetic vibe to your balcony. Balcony wall decor is the best backdrop to click flawless pictures with the scenic view from your apartment. To manage your balcony space effectively and to create a cosy balcony seating arena you need to bring home some simple balcony decor items. Right from the balcony railing to balcony wall decor, you need to look at every nook and corner to achieve a lavish and glorious balcony look without spending much. 
1. Wooden Patio Dining Set
Wooden furniture ranks high in the list of outdoor balcony decor ideas. This dining set comes with 2 chairs and a round table. This set of furniture exhales the vibe of an Indian balcony decor to the maximum. Be it one of the small balcony decor ideas, it is a highly appreciated balcony design voted by the majority of the millennials. 
Price: Rs. 17,799
Deal: Rs. 10,399
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2. Artificial Grass Floor Mat
To create a glorious balcony look, you ought to pay heed to one of the widely recommended small balcony decor ideas. It takes you a step closer to nature but in an artificial and durable way. Balcony decor ideas with artificial grass are a big hit when it comes to minimal balcony space. This grass mat stays ineffective to sunlight, rain and snow. 
Price: Rs. 2098
Deal: Rs. 862
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3. Glimmer Lightings Leaf Garland String Light
Leaf garlands are a must have balcony essential to create a garden balcony setting. If you are searching for the best balcony decor ideas with lights then this leaf string light is all that you need straight away. It creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere and requires minimum creativity skills while finalising a couple of small balcony decor ideas. It is easy to install and play with for an aesthetic balcony look. 
Price: Rs. 650
Deal: Rs. 569
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4. Exclusive Lane Mughal Roots Floral Hand-Painted Ceramic Planters Pot 
Ceramic planters maximises the overall balcony look in the most eye-catching way. If you are a plant lover and have a small sized balcony, then you must get your hands on these two beauties. They are small in size which perfectly sits on your balcony railing. Each planter pot comes with a drain hole at the bottom so that the excess water can flow out. 
Price: Rs. 935
Deal: Rs. 699
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5. TIED RIBBONS Wall Hanging Wood Shelf with Metal Lantern Candle Holder
Using a metal lantern candle holder is one of the best small balcony decor ideas that helps you restore your balcony’s lost glory. They emit natural light and revamp the old school balcony decor in an aesthetic way. It will delight your guests and set the stage for a magical evening on the balcony. 
Price: Rs. 1899
Deal: Rs. 799
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6. Maple Craft Metal Round Wheel Planter Bucket
Planter buckets galvanise the look of your balcony. To elicit the glory of your balcony wall decor, hang this round wheel planter bucket that will hook your guests in a jiffy. If your balcony is small then this is a must have element that will help you in concluding the best small balcony decor idea. 
Price: Rs. 2200
Deal: Rs. 1149
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7. TIED RIBBONS Frog on Hammock
This decorative item is a beautiful hand painted product to create a distinctive balcony design. It is eco-friendly and adds drama to your small yet organised balcony. With this decorative item at your hands you can revive your Indian balcony decor with a modern twist. Hang it near ceramic planters and let the artistic elements stand out in amaze. 
Price: Rs. 1299
Deal: Rs. 649
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8. Hemp Rope Hanging Ceiling Lamp
One of the best small balcony decor ideas is to stay decorate less and hang more. When it comes to small balconies, less is often more. Nevertheless, to make your small balcony look spacious you need some natural and less space occupying elements. This hemp rope hanging ceiling lamp is no exception when it comes to restoring your balcony’s look in the most subtle yet elegant way. The adjustable hanging rope makes it one of the must have balcony decor items.  
Price: Rs. 2299
Deal: Rs. 1200
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Your balcony will no longer look congested with these glorious small balcony decor ideas. Stay organised, minimal yet elegant in the most creative way. Amp up your balcony’s look with minimal efforts and make sure it becomes the most hooked place of your apartment.
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