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The enormous off-road vehicle is capable of sleeping up to 10 people.
Instead of shabby tents with fold-away mattresses, this luxurious RV is the way to go when you hit the motorways or the jungle. When we think we've seen the largest, baddest, most apocalypse-proof vehicle on the market like the Vario Signature 1200 or Showhauler's 4×4 military-style RV, someone else comes along to take things to a whole new level.
SLRV Expedition, known for creating unique RVs that can go everywhere, designed the luxury all-terrain motorhome, a 40-foot-long Commander 8×8. This motorhome is one of the planet's most self-sufficient vehicles, with a two-floor structure that is a miracle of modern engineering. It's also one of the most attractive and comfortable duplexes for a family of eight. Built on a German-made military-spec MAN 8×8 framed structure.
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The commander 8×8 is available in single or double-story versions. And also it can get configured to meet the demands of the customer. The cabin's upper level can get lowered or raised using a special actuator lifting mechanism on the 12-meter-long monster. The SLRV Commander 8×8 is possibly the first two-story exploration vehicle ever created. Also, with room for six children upstairs (accessible by a floating staircase) for sleeping. There's also relaxing space for the adults downstairs (along with a living area).
In addition, there's a sitting room that seats eight to ten people, as well as a kitchen design with two ovens, two refrigerators, and double stoves. Also, a private en-suite bathroom, four 32-inch TVs, satellite television, and internet. SLRV came with a creative solution to lower a king-size bed over the lounge area to create more guest room and sitting area.
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Naturally, a two-story camper will need a significant quantity of energy. Therefore, SLRV has designed a special powerplant for its overlanding vehicle. They equipped the truck with a 12.5-liter D26 six-cylinder diesel engine that produces 480 horsepower. Equipped with a 12-speed automated gearbox with manual override. Capable of sustaining even the roughest road conditions, It also has a spare wheel loader in the back, which will act as a podium to transport your mountain bikes.
The RV has a high-capacity power system, powered by a Master volt lithium-ion battery bank. SLRV installed roof-mounted solar panels to keep the lights on and the equipment operating. It is also the world's first installation of a 9.5-kVA alternator (at 1200 RPM / 4.5kVA at 800 RPM) for charging the batteries off the engine. A 9kVa Honda petrol generator, which will also act as a backup, will power the truck's four distinct 12V, 24V, 48V, and 240V systems.
The Commander 8×8 includes a multi-tank water system ranging from 500 liters to 1,000 liters. Making it ideal for long-distance treks in the most remote regions. With reverse osmosis filtering, the system isolates the water for drinking and other utility applications. We've not seen anything of this size created for a family before. SLRV is sure to raise the benchmark in the realm of adventure vans with this mammoth.
The Xpedition Pro XPRO One can put you in stealth mode for ten continuous days, and its military-grade ruggedness goes beyond the looks.
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