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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) – A Shoals institution has the lowest score in this week’s Kitchen Cops round-up.
Ricatoni’s on North Court Street in Florence is hit with a 73 and given a warning to turn things around.
During it’s March 3rd inspection, the Italian eatery was on the receiving end of five serious violations:
The restaurant was told it’s on a 10 day notice with inspectors scheduled to return soon.
Elsewhere in Florence, the Bojangles on Cox Creek Parkway scores a 78 due to food temperature problems, buttermilk left sitting out, no toilet paper in the restrooms and a sink blocked by trash cans and mops. The Kentucky Fried Chicken on North Pine Street in Florence was given an 80 due to mold in the soda fountain nozzles and a broken sink in the kitchen.
Lauderdale County Scores and Inspection Reports
Morgan County
Morgan County Scores and Inspection Reports
In Morgan County, La Veracruzana on Gordon Terry Parkway in Decatur has the lowest score this week with a 77. It was hit for improper date marking on food and rinsing dirty dishes in the hand sink.
El Quetzal Buena Vista gets an 82 for no soap or towels at the hand sinks.
Limestone County
Limestone County Scores and Inspection Reports
No significant issues in Limestone County this week
Colbert County
Colbert County Scores
No significant issues in Colbert County this week
Madison County
Madison County Scores and Inspection Reports
The lone score of note in Madison County this week was at Big Shakes on University Drive in Huntsville. It lost points for missing chemical test strips, missing employee safety paperwork, multiple food temperature problems with fish and chicken and missing soap and paper towels.
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