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Q: Ed: I have a five-hole kitchen sink and recently read your article on sink holes and faucets. But here’s my issue. I’m installing a pullout faucet that will use three holes and a soap dispenser in the forth. What do I do with the fifth hole?
— Tom, Rhode Island
A: If no other faucet accessories or required plumbing controls are needed and you end up with an extra kitchen sink hole, a few options are available. Here are three ideas to consider that range from inexpensive to higher end. You can choose the one that best fits your budget and needs.
First, you can keep it simple with a low-profile sink hole cover. Different finishes and textures are available to best match your sink. Even though you’ll see the cover, it does conceal the hole.
Next, for a more decorative look at a moderate price, you can install a second soap dispenser. With two soap dispensers, the second one can be filled with hand cream so it can also be useful at the sink.
Finally, for a higher-end option that can be very useful, installing a filtered water beverage faucet in the extra sink hole can be a very clear solution for your issue.
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