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Most of us know the basic rules of the game we love so much. For example:
But did you know …
There are some new rules that have been emphasized by the USA Pickleball Association. Note these two: 
Two good sources on rules: 
Okay, I will admit that I have not bought into this serve because I like the four serves that are currently in my toolbox.  However, you can teach an old dog new tricks, and I am going to suggest that you put the drop serve into your arsenal, even if you do not use it all the time. If you do, be sure to engage your hips and shoulders, and keep the serve deep!  Remember, the ball must be dropped to be legal — it cannot be tossed or thrown
Remember, the ball can bounce anywhere with the drop serve, but you cannot step into the court before you contact the serve.
With a drop serve, three key rules from the regular serve do not apply. With a drop serve:  
Different serves that you can try with the drop serve:
Hint: Taking into account wind and sun, be sure to use the serve that gives you the best chance to put the ball in play.


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