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Ms. Icey’s Kitchen and Bar, a foodie-cult favorite thanks to its southern, Caribbean, and Cajun influences, will officially relaunch Thursday, March 17, 2022 after a 3-month hiatus. Located in Decatur, one of Atlanta’s most thriving neighborhoods, Ms. Icey’s Kitchen and Bar will return with the same young and hip energy that drew local Atlantan’s and visitors weekly, but with a refreshed menu and design boasting a new level of modern sophistication.
Now in its 4th year, Ms. Icey’s Kitchen and Bar has evolved into a modern restaurant, featuring an updated menu and crafted cocktails inspired by the Caribbean culture. New menu offerings will include a red snapper prepared three ways; escovitch-style, roasted, or steamed with a banana leaf, curry goat and chicken, and jerk steak and jerk pork chops, and fresh ackee and salt fish. Returning menu items will include the infamous chicken and waffles with house-made praline butter, and the cornbread served in a warm skillet topped with blueberry jam and bourbon praline butter. There will also serve a new crafted cocktail menu featuring a curated collection of martinis, frozen drinks, and more.
“We’re super excited to return. We miss the energy from our guests. We’re very proud of the fact that we’re able to deliver great service, amazing food & cocktails, and an even better atmosphere,” stated Tasha Cyril, one of the Ms. Icey’s Kitchen and Bar’s partners. “This is a hard combination to master and we’re really glad we’re able to set the standard for our guests.”
Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated restaurant openings for 2022, the relaunch of Ms. Icey’s Kitchen and Bar will be a continuation of a high-energy dining experience that merges southern hospitality with a New York ambiance. Curating great vibes with classic hip hop and R&B, Ms. Icey’s Kitchen and Bar is guaranteed to see its fair share of socialites and Atlanta A-listers based on the group’s success of the ever popular restaurant concept APT. 4B.
Owned and managed by hospitality vets Tasha Cyril, Clive Ruddock, Yusef Walker, Sopeak Pang, Glenn Wilson, and Sim Walker, Ms. Icey’s Kitchen and Bar is a black-owned restaurant originally created to pay homage to the women who inspired the group to come together. Ms. Icey’s Kitchen and Bar opened its doors for the first time back in March 2018, during Women’s History Month. The original concept and name around the restaurant is a combination of Sim’s and Yusef’s late grandmother, “Icelyn Walker”, and each owner’s childhood fondest memories stemming from their unique backgrounds in New York, St. Lucia, Cambodia, and Jamaica.
Ms. Icey’s Kitchen and Bar “The Relaunch” will officially open, Thursday, March 17, 2022. For more information about hours of operation and reservations, please visit
Connect with Ms. Icey’s Kitchen and Bar on social media @msiceyskitchen.
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