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Dec 25, 2021
Photo Provided The Pfalzgraf family home’s annual Christmas display in Monroe County, containing more than 110,000 lights, is the second-place winner in the “Deck the Homes Contest” that was part of the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” TV show.
CAMERON, Ohio — The Pfalzgraf family’s massive Monroe County Christmas light display has earned them second place in a morning television program’s holiday contest.
Kris Pfalzgraf, a teacher and basketball coach at River High School, has spent the last 18 years decorating his family’s Cameron home for the holidays. This year he surpassed his previous display by adorning his home and property with more than 110,000 lights. The decor earned him a spot on the daytime talk show “Live with Kelly and Ryan,” where he recently scored second place in its “Deck the Homes Contest.” The announcement was made on the show Tuesday morning.
Pfalzgraf said he, his wife Heidi and their kids, 16-year-old Karson, 19-year-old Kansas and 22-year-old Karigan, were happy just to be featured on the show. He said he received a phone call from the show’s producer letting them know they had made it into the top three and then found out they had won the runner-up spot when the show aired live on Tuesday. People from all over had cast their votes during the last few weeks to select the winners of the contest.
“It’s an honor,” he said, adding that the entire family was thrilled about the news.
Although excited about winning the second place prize, Pfalzgraf said he does not put up the light display for any reason other than bringing joy to his family and the community.
“Being recognized nationally on a TV show was honor enough. I don’t do any of this for contests or prizes or notoriety, I just want everyone to enjoy the holidays just like I always do. So winning $1,000 is a bonus. It’s an add-on for us” he said.
In securing the runner-up position, Pfalzgraf will receive a $1,000 cash prize. The majority of that money will go toward paying this month’s electric bill of around $700, while the rest will be used to purchase more lights, he said jokingly.
Pfalzgraf said he plans to continue his traditional light display for as long as he can. He said he enjoys watching other people light up with excitement upon seeing the biggest light display in the area.
“I’m going to continue to do it for my son, who has autism; I’m going to continue to do it for the local people in the community who drive by every day to see it. It’s always exciting for me,” he said.
All of the coverage of the home has created quite a “buzz” and brought an increase in passersby stopping to view the display.
“We’ve had more traffic this year than we ever have,” he added.
Pfalzgraf encourages everyone to come check out the display of lights, which covers not only his home but a barn, hog pen and front lawn as well. The display will remain on for residents to view until Jan. 2. He said he decided to extend the date this year because New Year’s Day falls on a weekend and he figured he would leave them on until the Sunday after the holiday.
The lights are on an automatic timer from 5-11 p.m. on Sunfish Creek Road in Cameron. Christmas music is also played from 5:30-10:30 p.m.
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