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A home is a reflection of the people that live there! So, it is only natural that each of us wants to decorate our homes in a way that just seems ‘so me’. But, it can get very tricky to get your aesthetic right! So, if you are looking for some ideas for your living room, here are a few aesthetics that could match you!
1) Urban Modern:
This design comes from the modern designer flats that are found in the big cities. It uses a mix of modern decore mixed in with ethnic heirlooms and edgy experimental designs. This is a bold aesthetic that shows how colorful your personality can be! You could use a large yet leek sofa paired with some ethnic modern furniture designs. Lastly spice up the place with some decorative pillows, mirrors, and labels. Keep in mind to go for geometric designs with vintage details with a touch of ethnic charm.
2) Industrial:
This design brings out the industrial era. This aesthetic leans heavily on exposed brick walls, metal, distressed wooden elements among other things. It gives your home a mature and rustic grit.
3) Farmhouse:
This design brings out a cabin aesthetic with a modern touch. Design your living room with warm beige and white colors and add in a few light colors to make it pop. Add in some greenery with plants, and vases.
4) Bohemian:
This aesthetic shows off the carefree and adventurous spirit of this lifestyle. If you want to decorate your living room with a boho aesthetic add rich patterns, vibrant colors, and bring forth your creative side. Make the room look messy on purpose. Use throw pillows with rugs and tapestries and use furniture with an ethnic touch.
5) Nautical:
Who doesn’t want to live on a beach? Well, you can get your beach vibes to your living room! The nautical aesthetic is warm, relaxing, and positive. Its main color tones are blues and white or sand colors. This design uses a lot of wooden furniture with linen seats and its decor comes from beach themes like seashells, rowing oars, fairy lights, navigational maps, and many more.
Check out these pictures of all these living room aesthetics here. Figure out which suits you best and start decorating!
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