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IRISH people spent BILLIONS of euro sprucing up their homes during the pandemic. 
Getting your home to look exactly how you want isn’t easy though, especially when you have no clue when it comes to design. 
But that’s where the professionals come in. 
Award-winning interior design and staging specialist Natasha Rocca Devine designs homes for both function and style with her company, The Interiors NRD.
Here, she shares the top eight mistakes that many people make when styling their homes. 
Avoid the temptation to display all your lovely things in every single empty space.
Instead group together your favourite items on shelves and use shelves as an opportunity to add in a balance of function and style.
Use stylish shelving and bookcase units that become a feature wall to fit books, plants and ornaments.
Although art is the most wonderful asset to any room, when it is overdone it can be worse than none at all.
The wrong size painting can either dwarf or become lost in a room.
When designing show homes, I tend to put art in single pieces, create a grid wall, in twos or in rows of three maximum. Also, placing them opposite a mirror in a hallway can be a wonderful effect.
Plus, photography and mirrors combined with art can have a balanced effect throughout the home.
A common mistake is drawers that don’t work. Deep, poorly designed drawers in kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms can lead to clutter and an inability to find anything.
Invest in drawer inserts to help you to keep things in order without too much effort to maintain on a day to day basis.
Cluttered, unplanned wardrobe space is another error. People look at how the wardrobe looks in the room, not how it is organised.
Before you buy one, review the inside of the wardrobe to make sure it works for you.
Also, for no cost at all, colour coding your clothes is the best way to maximise this space and make sure to wear all of your clothes.
We sleep for a third of our life yet, lots of people have beds which are old, or have broken mattresses and mismatched bedding.
Chose a stylish bespoke bed, invest in a decent mattress and you and everyone in your household will have better sleep and function better every day. 
Not investing in proper storage in the bathroom can mean it gets out of hand pretty quickly as it is a room often shared by family members or roommates.
Invest in some permanent or moveable storage, particularly for bath and shower products which holds candles, books, and soaps and can be hidden away to keep the room calm and clean at all times.
If you want a spa-like style, invest in decent towels and some candles.
Some people are happy to give their pets the run of the house, others are not.
If you're the latter, create a pet area with or without a gate. Include a plush pet bed and storage for your pet food and accessories.
These can keep the space clean while remain stylish within any home or apartment.
Make sure they spend their play time here rather than all over the house, particularly ideal for animals who shed.
Lack of shoe storage can make your room a mess.
A large walk-in closet would be the dream, but shoes can also be hidden in clusters at the end of a wardrobe or room.
Invest in shoe boxes, bars or bags for storage, which are both stylish and functional when placed in any room. They can also be added into a wardrobe unit to keep things organised within the space.
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