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THE COLORS in your home have a large impact on your mood and overall well-being.
Kate Kerdi, an interior designer and home design influencer, explained in a video how different paint colors can affect your mindset.
The color red is sure to get you hungry.
Kerdi said that red painted rooms can help to stimulate an appetite.
She recommended using red to paint the rooms where you would eat or cook, such as kitchens and dining rooms.
For a gentler look and feel, she said that a room painted in pink can promote calmness and reduce feelings of aggression.
The soft shade would make a great color for a children's playroom or an office area.
Spending time in a bold orange room can leave you feeling just as bright.
The expert shared that orange can make people feel energized and fun.
She recommended painting rooms where you socialize orange, such as your dining room.
Welcome guests into your home with the happiest color.
For entryways, Kerdi suggested painting them yellow.
She said yellow is a bright, welcoming, and optimistic color that will be very inviting for guests.
"Purple is a spiritual and creative color," Kerdi said.
This color represents luxury and can be used in studies, libraries, or living rooms.
Due to its peaceful feel, blue makes a great color for bedrooms and offices.
The designer claimed that blue is the most calming color and will give off soothing vibes before bed.
Similar to blue, she said that "green is the most relaxing color."
This color is also often used for bedrooms as it helps people rest.
You can also spruce up your living space with another design expert's five no-cost tips.
One suggestion she shared was to change the layout of your room to make it feel like a new space.
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