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The ‘90s had some innovative home designs, from using graphic colors and patterns to even neutral Japanese-inspired spaces. Some of these trends are still quite popular. Here 4 ideas for you to design your house with well-liked ‘90s trends! Check it out:
1) Floral:
The ’90s were fascinated with floral prints. While the recent floral designs are a far cry from what it once was, there is a more modernized way of using print in home decor. Some decorate their living rooms with furniture like sofa sets with floral prints, or watercolor floral prints.
2) Pastels:
While floral prints are quite trendy, when it comes to colors, pastels have been taking over the world of design since the turn of the ‘90s. Sometimes they even chose a blend for two soft pastel colors.
3) Track lighting:
The ‘90s brought with it the industrial trend which is still quite popular. One of the most popular trends is track lights which are slim and chic, or bold and utilitarian types in design.
4) Open Shelving:
The nineties also loved a fun flea market chic vibe when it came to their storage spaces, like the open shelves from Monica Geller’s house in the TV show Friends and Meg Ryan’s shelves from You’ve got mail.
Take a look at these pictures of these funky home décor trends that we still love from the ‘90s here. Which trend is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!
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