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If the ambience is not right, then so is the mood! It’s proven that happier people tend to be in places that are cosier and vibe with their energy. Home being the happy place for all of us, add some fun and aesthetic touch to it with pretty home decor items that give your home a positive atmosphere. Here are 8 useful products handpicked from Amazon for you to revamp your home more decoratively.
This powdery fresh scent blends tangy lemon citrus and sweet lavender flowers and fills the room with a fresh summer fragrance. It can create the right optimistic vibe we were talking about.
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With special asymmetric geometric patterns, this 3D window film creates an alluring rainbow visual effect when sunlight shines through it and brings unique decoration to your windows. It is a cost-effective alternative to heavy expensive curtains or blinds and also brings that wow factor missing at your home.
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While pretty floral printed rugs and running mats decorate the floor of your house make sure that decorations don't become a drudgery, especially in homes with kids! These pad’s grip protection will keep rugs in place and prevent them from bunching and sliding during normal daily use. 
Price: 21.99 USD
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These small fake plants are a perfect addition to your kitchen, bathroom or even bedroom. It creates a bohemian vibe and also sets a cosy atmosphere.
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This beautiful signboard is a stylish decoration for your home to warm welcome your family and friends. With a burlap bow and braided hanging rope, high quality crafted seasonal rustic sign is an ideal housewarming gift.
Price: 15.99 USD
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This artistic glasswork suncatcher throws in multiple coloured lights when the sun rays pass through it. It creates a vibrant warm reflection and is easy to install in the windows or near doors with the chain rope included in the set.
Price: 14.99 USD
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This showpiece brings an antique touch to your home and area great gap fillers to adorn the walls aesthetically. They are perfect wall decor for the living room, bedroom, hallway, lounge and office.
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A more interesting home decor element is photo frames that carry pictures you wish to relive in. Surrounding yourself with positive pictures make sure the bond between each family is tight-knit, no matter what!
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Bring that Wow factor to your home with the above 8 fun home decor items.
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