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Every year, Pantone releases a distinct shade that sets the bar for that year’s color trends. We then see that hue reflected in products across various industries like beauty, fashion and home decor. As for Pantone’s color of the year for 2022, it’s an unapologetically bold combination of blue-violet and periwinkle called Very Peri.
From adding a simple bedroom accessory to going all out with paint and furniture, there are a myriad … [+] of ways to celebrate Pantone’s bold new shade of the year.
A perfectly bold color to inspire you for the new year, incorporating Very Peri in your home is a great way to not only refresh your space as a whole but also revitalize a lackluster room like a kitchen or bathroom. Depending on the aesthetic you go for, the color can give off a modern or stately vibe, but one thing’s for sure: it’s a hue that will set your home apart from everyone else’s. From larger-scale makeovers like painted walls and statement-making furniture to simple and easy swaps like wall art and pretty flower vases, read on for the best ways to organically weave Pantone’s 2022 color into your home.       
Adding a vase of cheery periwinkle flowers is a fast, easy and noncommittal way to bring the shade into any room in the house without too much work on your part. Flowers perk up your space and your mood, too. Going for faux ones like these also ensures that you can enjoy them for a long time without having to replace them over and over.
If you’re all out of flowers, a vase works just as well to add a quick splash of Very Peri to your decor—and you get a two-in-one sort of deal when you put it to use. Not into flowers at all? Let the vase and its lovely hue speak for itself.
A throw blanket adds an effortless cozy vibe to your space, which is perfect for the colder months. Even better? We found one in periwinkle that pays homage to Very Peri while keeping you warm and toasty. It’s another easy way to sprinkle the color into your decor without doing too much.
Decorate smartly by sneaking periwinkle into everyday essentials like hand towels—the shade offers a peaceful spa-like tranquility to your bathroom. Made using high-quality Turkish cotton, these towels are luxuriously soft and gentle on hands, making them not just pretty to look at but pleasant to use.
Open Spaces
Hit two birds with one stone by incorporating Very Peri into useful everyday items like a storage rack. Originally designed to serve as a shoe rack, the cult-favorite Open Spaces Entryway Rack also serves as a nifty solution for keeping your clutter in check. Plus, a bright shade like this makes something even as boring as storage dynamic and eye-catching.
Home Depot
If you’re ready to go big, try livening up your walls with Pantone’s color of the year for a modern and regal look. Very Peri is a striking color that may feel overwhelming all over a room so don’t be afraid to play around with variants of the shade or go lighter to see what suits you best. There are many ways to try it besides painting all walls completley: use it as an accent color in addition to your main wall color, start with smaller rooms like bathrooms, or get a little adventurous and try out the shade on your window shutters or front doors for a bright and eclectic makeover.
Pottery Barn
If painting an entire wall or room sounds too daunting, there are other ways to add Very Peri to your walls. Choosing wall art in gentle washes of periwinkle will give your room a soothing feel as opposed to the original shade’s generally vibrant energy. This print is a great pick for the bedroom or home office, where it can lend a calming and relaxing vibe.
Choose cookware pieces that’ll look sunny and cheerful displayed on your countertop. Dansk Kobenstyle’s classic Casserole has a retro vibe, and the lovely color will make you want to leave it out even when it’s not in use. The pot has triple-enameled carbon steel that evenly cooks everything from soups to stews on the stovetop as well as the oven.
Jonathan Adler
Velvet is a material that looks absolutely posh in this shade and this velvet armchair from Jonathan Adler is no exception. It ups the ante with a fringed bottom that further gives it a more statement look. Pro tip: The vibe of your entire living room will be elevated with the addition of a fancy armchair in Very Peri.
Design Within Reach
Pantone’s 2022 color embodies a variety of auras, including romantic. And that’s just the kind of vibe this table lamp exudes with its muted periwinkle shade. While the sleek brass finish gives a refined look, the pleated cotton diffuser on top offsets that with a softer ambiance.
Annie Selke
Darker or deeper shades can sometimes dim down a space, especially in smaller rooms. If you’re looking to brighten your room instead, sheer light curtains in a paler variant of the Very Peri shade will really open up your room and allow sunlight to pour in, while still giving your space a sophisticated look. Switching out your curtains is also a fun way to experiment with this new shade without the heavy commitment of paint or large furniture.
Boutique Rugs
Adding a rug to your floors is one of the most basic ways to make over a room. And if you’re looking to snag a new one for your space, we recommend adding a rug in tones of Very Peri, since shades of purple are usually connected to royalty and can help make your room feel more polished.
Decorative throw pillows can immediately make your bed or lounge area look a little more sprightly, especially with a bright hue like Very Peri. They’re also easy to remove or switch out if you decide you want a different look the next day. Toss some in among your other pillows to create a visually arresting look.
Bed Bath and Beyond
Very Peri is a shade that’s both energetic and cozy, both of which you get when you spread a comforter in the blue-violet hue over your bed. It gives your room an invitingly warm and positive feel and ensures that your bed looks welcoming both during the day and at night. This ultra-soft comforter is also oversized, which means you can keep snug under it all winter long.


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