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If your new year’s resolution was to start experimenting more in the kitchen, or you’re just in the market for some new fancy cookware toys (without the extraordinarily fancy price tags), gear up because we’ve trawled pages of products to nab you the best eBay kitchen appliance deals available this week.

With savings of up to a whopping $550 on quality kitchen appliance brands like KitchenAid, Devanti, Samsung and more, you can now get your hands on a range of mixers, pan sets, air fryers and juicers for a fraction of the cost. What can we say? It’s bargain hunting at its finest — and you don’t even have to leave the house to do it!
So, without further ado, here are the best eBay kitchen deals to shop online right now…
Create your own authentic oval-shaped crusty loaves that look fresh from the local bakery with this Panasonic Artisan Bread Maker. Initially, it replicates hand-kneading techniques to develop firm gluten, setting the stage for baking light and fluffy bread encased in a crunchy crust. Its two sensors then measure the internal bread temperature and ambient conditions, working in unison to ensure your dough rises consistently during the baking process — all while you sit and relax.
You can buy the Panasonic Crusty Loaf Artisan Bread Maker ($424) from eBay here.
It’s grilling season! And with this unique Salter Megastone grill, you can cook a huge variety of foods using little to no oil for delicious, healthy cook-ups. What’s better? Its versatile cooking system allows you to use it as a panini press or opened out 180° into two flat surfaces for meat, fish or vegetables. How’s that for two-in-one?
You can buy the Salter Megastone Electric Grill & Panini Maker ($79) from eBay here.
Made from stainless steel and copper, you can now completely change your dinner party game with this fondue set that makes the most luscious melted cheese or chocolate. All you have to do is serve it with some crusty bread or marshmallows and strawberries for an easy lift entree or dessert. The ceramic bowl is microwave and oven safe, and you can keep the ingredients warm by lighting the burner on the base with the included Swiss fire gel.
You can buy the Swissmar Lausanne 11-Piece Fondue Set ($190.80) from eBay here.

With a fixed ceramic stone top and removable ceramic base that can heat up to 400 degrees celsius, you can have fresh home-cooked pizzas within a matter of five minutes. This baby also features a viewing window to easily monitor your creations and prevent overcooking. A Friday pizza night is essential if you ask us.
You can buy the MasterPro Ultimate Pizza Oven ($139.95) from eBay here.
Tis’ the season to get on the homemade french fries and roast chicken train (made with little to no oil, mind you) using the large 7.2L Westinghouse Opti Fry Air Fryer. This nifty must-have uses rapid hot air circulation to fry, bake, roast, grill, and toast your food. Its exterior also stays cool for safety, while the inner tray is non-stick for effortless cleaning.
You can buy the Westinghouse 7.2L Opti-Fry Air Oven ($199) from eBay here.
This versatile Westinghouse Countertop Microwave Oven features a 23-litre internal capacity and 270-millimetre turntable, which is great if you live in a smaller household. It’s also got a super versatile suite of cooking options, with six programmed cooking functions, auto weight defrosting programs, and a quick-start feature.
You can buy the Westinghouse 23L Countertop 800W Microwave Oven ($187) from eBay here.
If you’re sick of using a manual pasta maker — I’m talking about the one that takes approximately five business days to make two servings — then it’s time to invest in this Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker. Featuring dough kneading and mixing capabilities, as well as the option to make eight different styles of pasta/noodles, from macaroni to fettuccine (and even dumpling skins!), your weekly meal plan will be bursting with endless options.
You can buy the Philips Original Pasta and Noodle Maker ($297) from eBay here.

It’s rare to see big-ticket Samsung products on sale, and today we’ve found this lil’ needle in an eBay kitchen deal haystack. Enter: the Samsung 635L family-sized fridge that can be all yours at just under $800 off its RRP. Not only is it fitted with SpaceMax technology that enables the interior walls to be much thinner — allowing for more storage space inside without increasing the external dimensions — it also boasts a in-built water and ice dispenser. That means the days of manually refilling your ice trays, and returning them to the freezer in hopes the water doesn’t spill everywhere on the way, can be a distant memory. 
You can buy the 635L Side by Side Fridge ($1737) from eBay here.
If you’ve just moved into a sleek, new apartment, or are upgrading your existing kitchen appliances to fit a new-age modern minimalist vibe, this glass-bodied, silver, and black kettle will fit right in on your countertop. Its best feature — the blue LED-light feature that turns your water into a lively blue when it is boiling — also adds a neat touch. Aside from its aesthetic optics, this baby offers thermal shock protection, a large, generous spout and an automatic shut-off feature as soon as the water has started boiling.
You can buy the Pursonic Glass with Kettle Electric LED Light ($44.95) from eBay here.
It’s time to get rid of that pesky kitchen equipment cupboard — the one where you’ve got two food processors, five different graters, a slow cooker, a million pans and more. The alternative? This multifunctional gem, the Magimix Cook Expert — or in other words, a whisk, steamer, blender, mixer and dough-maker in one. Oh, and did we mention it also comes with attachments that turn it into a food processor for slicing, grating, mincing, chopping and more? I’ve got four words for you: add to cart now.
You can buy the Magimix Cook Expert ($1999) from eBay here.
Over the last few years, an air fryer has become a household staple thanks to the ease at which you can cook crispy home-cooked meals in half the time span of a regular oven. But, if you’re yet to get your oven mitts on one of these babies yet, there’s no better time than now because this Kitchen Couture 14-litre Air Fryer is going for a cool $142.95, which is 76% off its RRP. Did we mention it also comes with six bonus accessories: an oil tray, rack, filter, rotating cage, chicken fork and fetch tool?
You can buy the Kitchen Couture 14-Litre Air Fryer ($142.95) from eBay here.
Not only do dehydrated foods have a longer shelf life and retain the same amount of vitamins and minerals as their fresh counterparts, but they often boast richer and more concentrated flavours. So, if you’re a sucker for buying dried apricots banana chips for morning snacks, why not consider making your own in one of these ten-tray food dehydrators? Fitted with all the necessary controls to dry vegetables, fruits, herbs, meat and more, you can tick experimenting in the kitchen right off your new year’s resolution list.

Bonus points go to the fact each tray is removable post-use, so you can let the dishwasher do all the dirty work.
You can buy the Devanti Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator ($253.95) from eBay here.
If you’re more of a baker, this iconic KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer has the power and capacity for all of your everyday mixing tasks to easily handle whipping, blending, mixing, beating and kneading. The Classic 10 -speed mixer also has a locking tilt-head design that lets you easily access the mixing bowl or change the attachment quickly if you’re working with multiple ingredients and textures. It beats standing over a bowl of cream with a hand mixer, begging it to thicken faster any day. An eBay kitchen deal god-send, if you ask me.
You can buy the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer ($747.95) from eBay here.
I’ve started to opt for juicing my fruits at home because a) supermarkets make you pay an exorbitant amount for a bit of crushed up citrus, in my opinion, and b) I find there’s a lot of preservatives and added sugar in the ones you see on the store shelves. So, what’s the best juicer for an epic home job? This Breville Fountain one from eBay! Aside from delivering pulp-free smooth juices in an instant, this highly-rated appliance boasts a handy wide-mouth chute (so you don’t have to cut your fruits and veggies down to tiny pieces). It’s also super easy to clean and offers lower vibration if you don’t want to wake your housemates up cranking juice at the crack of dawn.
You can buy the Breville Juice Fountain Juicer ($169) from eBay here.
Need more stovetop burners but can’t afford or justify getting a whole new stove? This Spector Induction Hot Plate is both cost effective and space efficient, thanks to being small enough to slot into almost any cupboard. What’s better? If you’re going camping and want to cook your bacon and eggs out in the bush, this portable induction cooker can also travel with you — all you have to do is hook it up to a generator.
Please note: this induction cooker is only suited to iron-based cookware, so please keep this in mind before your purchase.
You can buy the Spector Electric Induction Portable Cooktop ($62.99) from eBay here.
If you’re sorted for eBay kitchen deals this week, there’s also a bunch of eBay home appliance deals you should have a squiz of here, too.
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