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Oftentimes I'll feel nostalgic and I'll take a ride throughout the Berkshires and visit some of my old stomping grounds. Whether it's past hangouts in northern Berkshire County, a drive past my old schools, or checking out waterfalls and lakes I used to swim in, revisiting my Berkshire childhood is always a fun activity. I suppose I'm getting to that age where nostalgia is starting to kick in.
Recently, I was driving through one of my former neighborhoods and I noticed that one of the houses appeared to have a green porch light on. At least it looked green from my vehicle. I never had seen that before and wondered why someone would have a green porch light. I recently read in an article that a red porch light in March means to raise awareness for women's heart health but what about green?
After doing some research on the internet, a green porch light means an appreciation or tribute to military veterans.
According to Restore Decor and More. A green porch light can also represent or celebrate any of the following:
So, if you're looking to add a little more green to your St. Patrick's Day festivities, you could buy a green light bulb. Also, if you would like to keep the green bulb installed all year round to show appreciation to the military, that's a great idea as well. Plus, when St. Patrick's Day, Memorial Day, and Lyme Disease Awareness month roll around, you won't have to switch out the bulbs.


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