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Woman-owned, one-of-a-kind furniture marketplace Handmade Home Co. announced today its new website, which showcases an array of highly curated artisan vendors, is officially open and winning the battle against finding in-stock quality furniture at affordable prices. Headed by CEO Chanel Kimura, Handmade Home Co. is a Canadian e-commerce company focused on handmade, restored, refinished furniture & home decor. Kimura created the platform to help independent creators from around the world sell their unique home furnishings to a global market.
Since launching Handmade Home Co. in November 2021, Kimura has scaled her unique business, growing her vendors by more than 35 people — a number that continues to grow each day. As a result of the pandemic, Kimura started the business because she found that purchasing in-stock furniture has become a frustrating challenge. Handmade Home Co. has resolved that problem by offering customers one-of-a-kind home decor items, made by talented artists that offer free local pick-up and artist drop-off services. The company has set goals to showcase 100 artisan vendors by the end of the Summer of 2022 and host a Handmade Home Show in early 2023.
As CEO, Kimura is responsible for driving the company’s vision, strategy, and growth. “We support small business owners by giving them a high-end platform to list their high-end work on,” explained Kimura. She goes on to say, “We handle all of the tough stuff, giving our artists more time to focus on their craft. If you restore or refinish beautiful furniture and think others would buy it, sign up for a free account and sell it on Handmade Home Co.!”
Handmade Home Co. even made it possible for customers to choose their favorite artist and request a “Custom Piece” directly from them! It doesn’t stop at furniture – you can order custom signs, artwork, home decor, and more.
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