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Win your loved ones over with a gift you made yourself. Meg Bentley is the queen of DIY projects.
She shared how you can make a floral bear out of styrophome and glue for just $3. Rather than giving someone a card they will just throw away, Meg shows how to repurpose a glass frame and make it personal with clothespins and a personalized message. She is also starting a new tradition with her family where she’ll make her own fortune cookies out of foam and put a personal message inside. The big-ticket item that won over her husband is a memory book filled with pictures of the two of them.
Meg also shared several fun home decor items you can make with cheap items from the Dollar Store, Amazon, and Home Depot. 
A staple when it comes to decorating for Valentine’s Day is lots of flowers. Meg showed how you can glue flowers to hearts and wreaths to make adorable pieces you can hang in your home. She also showed how to create a sparkly heart planter using patterned cups. Using her cricut, she made a cute Valentine’s mailbox. 
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