College student padlocks kitchen cabinets over roommate’s ‘lazy’ cooking habits: ‘It’s called being responsible’ – Yahoo News

A woman is wondering if she crossed the line with her roommate when she put locks on the kitchen cabinets.
She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her roommate Lucy only lives in the apartment three days a week, so they agreed she would do fewer chores. But when Lucy didn’t do any chores and began to eat the Reddit poster’s food, things came to a head.
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“I live in a shared apartment with two roommates, Mary and Lucy,” the Reddit poster said. “We each have our own bedroom but share a kitchen and bathroom. I didn’t know either of them before moving in. Lucy informed us that she would only be living in the dorm three days a week and would be living with her boyfriend for the rest of the week. We agreed that she could take less of the shared cleaning tasks because she was living in the dorm less but still had to keep her own stuff clean.
“We also agreed that she could use our kitchen supplies (dishes, cutlery, pots, pans) to make her food because she didn’t want to bring any of her own stuff. Very quickly, we realized that Lucy was also using our food and never washing her dishes. We even left a bowl of oatmeal in the sink until it was moldy to see if she would ever do it. She didn’t.”
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No matter how much they tried to reason with Lucy, she refused to hear them out.
“We asked her on many occasions to please do her dishes and stop using our food, but she kept ignoring us and telling us we were being dramatic,” she explained. “It got to the point where Mary and I were basically paying for another person’s meals for three days of the week. To try to get her to stop, Mary and I put padlocks on every cupboard and cabinet in the kitchen to block Lucy’s access to our stuff.
“Lucy got the message and finally bought her own food, but we still don’t trust her to do her dishes. Lucy got incredibly angry and told us we’re denying access to part of the apartment that she’s paying for, and [she was] telling us that we are breaking our agreement to let her use our dishes. Mary and I told her that she needs to buy her own dishes, and then we’ll take the padlocks off.”
Redditors thought Lucy was in the wrong here.
“Lucy is a lazy freeloader who needs to learn how to look after herself and respect other people’s things,” a user said.
“Lucy is an idiot. She uses a plate, fork, knife — she has to clean it. It’s called being responsible, cleaning up after yourself,” another wrote.
“She broke the agreement by not taking care of your stuff,” someone added.
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