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BROCKTON — Starting at the age of 11, Serina Ribeiro of Brockton fell in love with watching YouTube videos of sweets being made. Three years later, at 14, Ribeiro is looking to open a bakery, of course, with the help of her mother.
Lenilda Ribeiro, the mother of the young baker, also started her baking journey alongside her daughter.
“At first, I didn’t like baking, but I started baking to support Serina since she was interested in it and she was very young and couldn’t use the oven alone. It’s dangerous,” Lenilda said.
After many years of Lenilda’s helping Serina bake cakes as practice and giving them away weekly to friends and family, Lenilda learned to love baking, too.
Serina’s first cake was a hot pink layer cake bedazzled with rhinestones for her cousin. 
The duo has baked over 900 cakes since 2019 to sharpen Serina’s skill. All pictures of the cakes can be found on their Instagram page Kindgom_Cake.
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“My favorite part about giving a cake away is seeing the reactions on their faces when they open the box and see the final product,” Serina said.
Currently, Serina is a freshman at Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School in Easton studying culinary arts. When it comes to cooking or baking Serina prefers baking themed cakes instead.
To get in the zone, Serina decorates the extravagant cakes while listening to Frank Ocean, an R&B singer.
Baking while listening to music is therapeutic, Serina said.
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“It’s a way for me to shut out the world and focus on myself while listening to my favorite songs. I usually put my phone on do not disturb and start decorating my next project,” Serina said.
The duo works simultaneously to create beautiful cakes that also taste good, Serina said.
“Our cakes are nothing you’ve tasted before. Kingdom Cakes, our deserts are out of this world. We make everything from scratch,” Lenilda said.
Lenilda bakes the cake with secret family recipes passed down from Cape Verde, and Serina decorates them once cooled. 
“I’m more into decorating, and my mom does the baking,” Serina said.
Lately, the pair has been actively looking for a small commercial kitchen space to sell their baked goods to the public.
“We’ve been giving away free cakes for three years for practice, and it’s time for us to open a bakery to share my daughter’s talent with the world. I’m so proud of her and how far she’s come from the first cake until now,” Lenilda said.
“Serina is talented, and it’s so unique to be 14 years old and already making such beautiful and detailed cakes. Serina is a perfectionist. She pays attention to every detail. If the cake isn’t perfect, she will redo it until it is,” Lenilda said.
The mother-daughter duo hopes to find a space this year to begin their journey of owning a family bakery. Lenilda knows opening a business with a child will be difficult, but she knows her daughter’s talent cannot be hidden anymore.
“Finding my passion so early was the best thing I’ve done for myself,” Serina said.
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