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BASKING RIDGE, NJ — Basking Ridge resident Desiree Mazzarese has always had an eye for design so opening Guest House downtown was a natural fit.
Mazzarese opened the new boutique home decor and gift destination at 31 South Finley Avenue this past September.
Before stepping into design, Mazzarese worked in the corporate world for 15 years doing marketing and communications for Wyndham before having kids.
During the pandemic, Mazzarese started a blog on Instagram where she would take pictures of her styling her home “and it took off.”
Even Pottery Barn shared one of her posts.
“Then the opportunity came to open an actual store. It came about really quickly,” said Mazzarese, who had always wanted to open her own store. “It just fell into my lap.”
Opening amid the pandemic, Mazzarese focused her efforts on her online presence in case there was a resurgence.
“My website started taking off and I was getting orders from all over the country – Ohio, California, Florida. It just kind of grew,” said Mazzarese.

Along with the online presence, The Guest House is seeing a lot of foot traffic.
“I’m lucky a lot of people in Basking Ridge like shopping local,” said Mazzarese. “People are able to find unique pieces that they are not going to find in everyone’s home.”
Mazzarese prides herself in being able to find “a lot of cool, funky, and different items” to offer at her boutique. She also enjoys the customer experience.
“I do love helping clients put together a gift or help to renovate a room,” said Mazzarese.
The Guest House offers a variety of products and gifts from home decor, kitchen and dining, home fragrances, men’s furnishings, beauty and spa, and more.

Customers can view Mazzarese’s entire product catalog online, Instagram and Facebook. Items can be purchased online and in-store. Mazzarese also offers curb-side and delivery in the surrounding areas.
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