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Slide-in electric ranges are becoming more popular than drop-in models which sit on top of a cabinet but are harder to replace.
There are many options when buying ranges. Electric ranges offer flatter cooking surfaces that are easy to clean and provide far more stability for pots and pans. They hold heat better, keep your kitchen cooler and are usually simpler to install compared to a gas range.
Slide-in electric ranges have unfinished sides because they are typically placed between cabinets in an island or a kitchen design where the range is not freestanding. Slide-in electric ranges are a fast-growing segment of the appliance market. For its overall features and high quality, the top electric range is General Electric’s 30-inch Slide-In Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Oven.
For many consumers, deciding whether to choose an electric range simply boils down to personal preference. Most experts agree that, when it comes to baking, electric ranges are the best because the oven provides more consistent heat. Gas ranges, on the other hand, are more powerful and, therefore, better (and faster) for jobs like boiling water and cooking on the stovetop. However, many electric ranges today are made with much stronger stovetop burners.
There are numerous styles of electric ranges, but freestanding electric ranges remain the most popular type. Slide-in models are meant to fit the counter space or between cabinets in an island. That is why the sides of slide-in electric ranges are unfinished. They are perfect for newer kitchen designs, but if your electric range will be out in the open, you should consider one with all the sides finished.
A standard slide-in electric range is 30 inches wide, which is suitable for just about any modern kitchen. For most families, a 5-cubic-foot oven would be the right size for cooking meals; slide-in electric ranges are commonly 5.3 to 6.7 cubic feet. Larger oven units do cost more, but they typically feature a double-oven package.
Most slide-in electric ranges feature a digital display with a clock and timer to assist with cooking times. Some also feature push-button starts for the oven and burners, however, knobs are still more common. Lower-end models often won’t have a digital display.
Slide-in electric ranges typically come with multiple racks that can be moved to different levels inside the oven cavity or taken out when preparing larger dishes. Some models also include half-racks for extra versatility.
A feature found on most slide-in electric ranges is an extra-wide oven window that allows everything being cooked to be visible.
Need to turn the oven on while you’re at work or away from the kitchen? A delayed-start function allows you to preset the start and stop time, so you can do it all. 
Some higher-end slide-in electric ranges can connect remotely to your smartphone, so you can operate the oven for preheating or setting the timer when you’re away. However, not all manufacturers offer this, so be sure to check the feature list on the electric range you want carefully. 
Slide-in electric ranges run a wide price range based on the size of the unit and the overall features. Basic units start around $600 and can exceed $2,000 with multiple features and double ovens.
A. Yes, nearly all slide-in electric ranges come with a warranty. Most manufacturers have a limited one-year warranty that is standard. Some have multiyear options on parts. Check your manufacturer’s specifications for confirmation.
A. While it may seem that an electric range would be safer than a gas range, that’s only if a gas line were installed incorrectly and a leak occurred. An induction oven that uses electromagnetism for heating the burning elements is probably the safest of all ranges.
General Electric 30-Inch Slide-In Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Oven
General Electric 30-Inch Slide-In Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Oven
What you need to know: From a leading appliance brand, this electric range has a self-cleaning oven and fast-boiling stovetop.
What you’ll love: There are two 9-by-6-inch power burners and two oven racks that fit six positions. The oven is 5.3 cubic feet and self-cleaning. A large oven window provides full visibility for monitoring cooking progress.
What you should consider: There were some concerns about the bottom drawer being smaller than preferred.
Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot and Amazon
Samsung 30-Inch Slide-In Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Oven
Samsung 30-Inch Slide-In Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Oven
What you need to know: This electric range is perfect for someone on a budget who still wants a lot of features and stylish design.
What you’ll love: This electric range has a large 6.3-cubic-foot capacity with a self-cleaning oven and five cooking elements to accommodate different pans. It is voice-enabled and has Wi-Fi connectivity.
What you should consider: There were reports of cooktop discoloration over time, as well as chips in the appliance coating.
Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot
Frigidaire 30-Inch Slide-In Single-Oven Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Oven
Frigidaire 30-Inch Slide-In Single-Oven Electric Range with Self-Cleaning Oven
What you need to know: This electric range has all the standard features and offers flexible cooktop elements.
What you’ll love: With a 3,000-watt element, this electric range boils water faster than traditional boilers. It comes with SpaceWise expandable elements for both big and small cooking needs. A one-touch self-cleaning oven option is standard.
What you should consider: There were some concerns that the cooktop scuffs easily.
Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot and Amazon
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