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Kitchen sinks tend to be untidy, sticky, oily or filled with vessels and food debris. To declutter your kitsch counters and take the look of your kitchen a level up, you need to pay more heed to the types of kitchen sinks in India. There are quartz kitchen sinks, mount kitchen sinks, stainless steel kitchen sinks, asiatique kitchen sinks, aluminum and granite sinks crafted according to the needs and necessities of an Indian household. Kitchen is the heart of the house and so you need to ensure utmost hygiene in the kitchen. To cook food, chop vegetables and do the dishes swiftly you need to bring home one the best kitchen sinks in India. 
1. CROCODILE HM-2418B Sink
This CROCODILE HM-2418B Sink is a matte finish sink that can compliment any type of kitchen decor. It is a diamond cut square single bowl that comes with a square waste coupling, PVC plastic pipe and a fruit basket. With this kitchen sink in your kitchen, your kitchen counter will be tidy and clutter free. You can easily wash fruits and vegetables and prevent them from falling off your hands. 
Price: Rs. 9999
Deal: Rs. 4954
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2. CROCODILE SB-2418G Single Bowl Kitchen Sink
This single bowl kitchen sink is a stainless steel sink with a glossy finish. It comes with waste coupling and a PVC plastic pipe. This sink is made in India. It is a steel glossy finish covered with blue lamination which can be removed easily.
Price: Rs. 4280
Deal: Rs. 2184
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3. Prestige 24x18x10 inch SS-304 Grade Single Bowl Kitchen Sink
This kitchen sink is a hand made matte finish sink. This radium stainless steel kitchen sink is indeed a smart combination of style and efficiency. This sink resists scratches and withstands the everyday wear and tear. It is ideal for solid surface countertop materials like granite, soapstone, marble or concrete.
Price: Rs. 12,999
Deal: Rs. 4199
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4. 24 x 18 x 10 Handmade Single Bowl Kitchen Sink
This handmade single bowl kitchen sink is a brushed nickel. It is designed for unparalleled resistance to impact and thermal shock. The heat resistant feature of this kitchen sink is anti-noise technology with thick heavy-duty coating and extra-thick rubber padding. It covers over 80 percent of the sink to absorb vibration and noise from dish washing and collision friction.
Price: Rs. 11000
Deal: Rs. 4999
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This double bowl kitchen sink is constructed from heavy duty stainless steel. It is easy to clean, resilient and long-lasting. This is one of the best kitchen sinks in India that matches most of the kitchen appliances, bars and is used in laundry.
Price: Rs. 20,580
Deal: Rs. 5990
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6. Torofy (24X18X10 Inch, Silver) Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
This Torofy (24X18X10 Inch, Silver) Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink is a handmade single bowl sink. That comes with a coupling and a fruit basket. It has a standard drain opening and provides more usable space in the sink. The optimised angle keeps glassware from falling when placed in the sink.
Price: Rs. 8999
Deal: Rs. 2849
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7. ASTER PM-SB-SQ-3618-Drain Board Kitchen Sink
This drainboard kitchen sink comes with a kitchen sink, fruit basket, coupling set and drainage pipe. It is easy to clean, corrosion and rust-resistant. It serves you with high grade stainless steel for high strength and durability.
Price: Rs. 11990
Deal: Rs. 6999
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Kitchen sinks are the most important and a widely used element in the kitchen. Thus, a kitchen sink should be appropriate and strong enough to bear with your rough and tough household usage. So, snatch a glimpse of the best kitchen sinks in India and pick an appropriate one that suits your kitchen and counter space. 
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