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Home décor doesn’t only make our home look good, but it also improves our minds. A well-decorated and clutter-less house makes you feel happy, soothing, and provides a calming effect. So, when you are revamping your abode, then you are also improving your mental health as well. Interior decoration has now been a part of our self-care almost. So, Interior Designer Punam Kalra, Creative Director of “I'm the center for Applied Arts” talks about how home décor has been a part of our self-care. 
Nature as a part of the decor
Green pockets underline the health quotient of space—the core seeking in self-care practices. The improved indoor air quality and therapeutic effect brought by the greenery promises a positive atmosphere indoors. Houseplants accommodated in the planter boxes in brass, terracotta, ceramics, wood, or other natural materials make the spaces ‘look and feel’ homier with an indigenous touch. Pair them with quirky ceramic sculptures to add to the zen-like character of the space.
The Hygge Lifestyle
The blend of coziness and comfort desired in the challenging modern times call for a relaxed décor. Surround yourself with pieces that make a space your home. Pieces that can evoke memories and stories and inspire your imagination. It could be as simple as an arrangement of photographs or a curated collection of specific statement pieces that leave a mark. 
It is another aspect that can add another dimension to the feeling that space gives. It could be adjustable lighting that can set the mood from vibrant to a snuggle-worthy environment. A sublime warm-lit glow creates an aura where the light fixtures become the mood lifters. 
Out-of-the-world Character
A whimsical touch in the décor comforts the soul. Upholstered pieces arranged along with a glamorized vanity corner invites an uncompromised, dainty appeal. Hints of plush fabric in velvet or pure linen bring a sense of warmth into the personal spaces. A statement mirror is ideal for adding a spark to the environment.
An Art muse with artworks, murals, or wallpaper patterns can become a gateway to reflect our persona- modern art for edgy personalities, ethereal art for the introverts. 
Creative abundance
Interiors that reveal the abundance of details enrich the private environments. A wholesome table in a striking dining setup reassures contentment with the on-point etiquette. 
The aroma-rich additions like fresh garden-pluck flowers in vases, scented candles, or aromatic diffusers enhance the spatial attributes with a tranquilizing touch. Nostalgic centerpieces escort these charms in antique finishes.
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