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These simple updates can turn your space into a haven in no time.
Your bedroom is where you rest and recharge after a long, hectic day, so there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want it to feel like a retreat. With a few simple decor upgrades — think smart furniture choices, soothing paint colors, chic window treatments, and tasteful accessories, you can have the inviting bedroom you’ve always dreamed of.
Ready to craft a calming bedroom? Regardless of size, your master bedroom is full of design potential. Get ready to step outside of your comfort zone with these brilliant bedroom decorating ideas that’ll help you pull off your makeover once and for all. And the best part is you don’t have to blow your budget.
Opting for a deep hue, like gray, is an easy way to give your bedroom a cocoon-like feel. Introduce contrast with white bedding and wood nightstands.
If you love the idea of having both a vanity area and a nightstand, set a console table right next to your bed. Style it with your favorite accessories, including an oversized mirror, table lamp, and framed art.
Uplift your design scheme with an eye-catching floral headboard. Choosing a vibrant hue, like yellow, can act as the perfect balance to neutral-colored walls.
A simple accent chair can transition from side table to foot rest to extra seating if you need a spot for quickly putting on shoes.
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Play up your bedroom’s cozy factor by letting a built-in bookcase complement a comfy accent chair and white canopy bed.
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Don’t fret if you have a small bedroom. A narrow nightstand, like this charming Ikea design, is a great option to help reduce clutter.
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To prevent wood paneling from feeling outdated, go for warm gray paint — the perfect choice to create a calming atmosphere.
When it comes to lighting, you can’t go wrong with a layered effect. Pull your room together with an elegant overhead fixture and small bedside table lamps.
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Dress up a basic nightstand with tassel hardware that can add an elegant touch to any bedroom.
Why settle for one paint color when you can have two, right? Two-tone walls are a no-fail way to boost your room’s visual appeal.
If you’re partial to coastal-inspired decor, experiment with a cozy captain’s bed. It’s an ideal and stylish spot to store your belongings without taking up much-needed space.
Rather than placing a typical upholstered bench at the foot of your bed, try a wooden design. It’s an easy way to introduce a rustic flair into your space without going overboard.
Black frames make it easy to swap in new photos, mementos, and artwork when you’re ready for a change of pace.
Change your view (at least inside) by swapping in new curtains. Make sure your new panels are long enough to just hit the floor or sill, and pick ones at least twice as wide as the width of the window.
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Give your bedroom a hotel feel with cozy white sheets and an assortment of complementary throw pillows.
Start with a colorful frame, pile on the pillows, and hang a crafty pom-pom garland!
Greenery never fails to breathe life into a space. Try an oversized plant to make even more of an impact.
A repurposed barn door adds texture and interest to this rustic bedroom retreat. Use reclaimed wood as your starting point to create a one-of-a-kind piece, adding lights for reading. How farmhouse chic!
A vintage map makes a great (and inexpensive!) focal point for this simple bedroom. Shop local thrift stores and markets to find one-of-a-kind pieces.
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Forget hiring an artist for the job — you can now pick from dozens of styles of large-scale peel-and-stick landscapes and patterns.
Dark corners, be gone. Mirrors are the tried-and-true way for bouncing more light around a windowless bedroom.
A vibrant palm leaf acts as a piece of artwork in this beachy bohemian room.
Layering matching rugs on top of wall-to-wall carpeting defines each bed’s space while adding another layer of color and pattern to the room, explains designer Bria Hammel.
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Give your existing dresser or bedside table a mini makeover with new knobs. (Some fancy pulls might inspire you to put things away faster too.)
Bedrooms should be a place to relax, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Designer Dan Mazzarini wasn’t shy about incorporating a bold, orange-red backdrop.
A throw pillow is a low-commitment and low-investment way to see how you like the latest styles and materials (like velvet and feathered looks) rocking the home decor world. To save a few dollars, keep the same inserts and buy pillow covers to swap whenever you want.
In this bedroom designed by Emily Henderson, a daybed is the perfect solution for seating and a place for Mom and Dad to nap. Try one in your own master for a luxurious update.
Finally tackle your habit of leaving clothes on that chair with a gorgeous hidden hamper so dirty clothes are out of sight, out of mind.
A floral painting, pillow, or even a vase filled with a few blooms instantly freshens any space.
Try this trick from designer Mel Bean to fill up space when you can’t afford big pieces of art: Hang multiple, uniform-sized picture frames, with simple artwork, side-by-side above your bed.


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