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Congrats! You’re off to uni! This is seriously exciting news and likely the first time you’ll be living away from home. As well as the chance to make loads of new mates, try loads of new bars (and, y’know, get a degree and that), it also gives you an opportunity to get creative with your uni room decor, so you can put your own stamp on your new digs.
Yep, halls rooms are pretty bland by nature. You’ll have a lil’ single bed, a wardrobe, a desk and literally nothing else, so, you’ll need to bring some decorative bits to make it cosy. Plenty of photos, a string of fairy lights and some pretty art prints should help you make it a bit less beige and a bit more you. See our picks of the best uni room decor below for more inspiration.
This will give your room some greenery and some glow without you having to remember to water it (which, let’s be honest, you’re prob not gonna do). 
Glam up boring magnolia walls with some bright and bold prints. 
A good one to help you remember to ~breathe~ during exam periods. 
Twinkly lights make everything a little more atmospheric. 
This is cool – you can showcase all your snaps with your new uni pals and your fairy lights at the same time. 
Stick this up behind your bed for Insta-boho vibes.
If you weren’t aware, the noughties are back in a big way. Bring some to uni with you with these very y2k cushions. 
Or turn your room into a homage to Mean Girls with this collage kit. 
If the above collage is a bit much for ya, here’s a more muted option. 
Cover up that gross wiry carpet all rooms in halls have with a cosy fluffy rug. Much better to stick your toes into when you wake up in the morning. 
A bright throw will make your bed look way more inviting (and make an extra layer on chilly nights when you don’t want to shell out ££ for the heating). 
Okay, this is spenny, but it’s SO cute – we think it’s a good investment piece. Throw it over your bed, or wrap it around yourself on the sofa for long hungover Netflix sessions. 
Round cushions just look that bit more expensive than square ones. 
The line art trend isn’t going anywhere – we’re loving the colourful tones in this cushion. 
Why use boring regular pins to stick stuff to your notice board when you could use these decorative cat ones?
Or these daisies?
And these are our faves (we’ll stop now with the pins). 
Don’t drill nails into your walls, it’s way too much of a risk for losing your deposit. Use these command strips instead – you’ll be surprised how well they work. 
This is a good neutral rug and an absolute steal at under 13 quid. 
If you’re into the boho neutrals trend, this jute rug should be your next purchase for your halls dorm. 
You’ll need a desk light to help you when you’re pulling all-nighters before big deadlines. We like this minty JL number. 
Succulents are basically unkillable. They need barely any watering, so they’re a good choice to brighten up your desk if you’re looking to bring some cheer to your space but don’t want something high maintenance. 
The bad news is you’ll have to switch from your double bed at home to a little single in halls – which means you’re gonna have to invest in a new single duvet set or two.  
More line art – this Dunelm number in autumnal shades is perf for autumn and a single set is just £18. Very nice. 
Keep pens corralled in this cute cactus pot. 


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