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Pov: You just moved into your apartment and are on a roll with your interior design moves. The living room is fab and the office is lookin’ cute, and now it’s time to transform your confined outdoor space. But you’re feeling a tad bit intimidated and overwhelmed because how the heck do you make your small-ass patio live up to your home decor dreams? Before you give up or settle on boring decor and furniture (please don’t you dare go off the deep end), you’ve gotta look through this list of chic apartment patio ideas… Because it is possible for a tiny patio to look as good as a home backyard if you know how to do it right.
The trick is to stick to space-saving furniture—I’m talking compact, narrow, and perhaps even 2-in-1 pieces (hi, chairs that double as storage!) so that everything can fit comfortably without looking cluttered. I suggest getting a lil bistro set, a hanging chair, or a tall, slender shelf that can hold allll things. Oh! And def go hard with the decor. You won’t believe what some simple string lights, a pretty throw pillow, and a big, leafy plant could do.

You’ll see below that you very much can reach your #aestheticgoals even if you’re not working with a lot of real estate. Let these innovative apartment patio ideas work their magic!
With warmer weather approaching, you’ll need a proper and v cute seating situation. Consider this handwoven set that comes with two trendy seats and a tempered-glass table.
The ~mood~ cannot be set without some dreamy string lights. I don’t make the rules.
Don’t be the person that keeps their plants in those plain ol’ plastic pots they come in. Dress up your greenery and your patio with this gorge rattan planter.
Who else has always dreamed of having one of these? Hammock chairs are so boho chic and are ridiculously comfy. Watch: You’ll be spending more time outside because of it.
Invest in a portable fire bowl if you want a camp-fire backyard feel. This will come in clutch for whenever you wanna host a s’mores night!
A beautiful basket = pretty decor and extra storage space.
Add a decorative throw pillow to your lounge chair or bench. It’s an easy way to add some flair to your space without trying too hard.
This balcony table will be a huge game-changer for those dealing with a tiny patio. All ya gotta do is attach it to your balcony wall and you’re set.
Do whatever you’d like with your shelving situation! Showcase your plant collection or other decorative items. I suggest getting this one with seven (!!) shelves so you don’t ever have to worry about not having enough space.
If you’re going for a soothing aesthetic, snag this macrame wall piece. (But make sure to put it under an awning so it doesn’t get destroyed by rain or snow.)
Bite the bullet and get the egg chair. Imagine how adorable it’ll look IRL and on your Instagram feed?
Use as a side table, an extra seat, or just as a nice accessory. Regardless, she’ll only make your place look more stunning!
Zhuzh up your boring concrete floors with a rug. This option is great if you like earth-toned colors.
The most effortless way to decorate any area in a household IMO is to throw in a lovely big-ass plant into the mix.
A massive storage box that’s not totally uggo? Score.


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